Publications 2012

1. Discrete model combined with mimetic microfluidic chips to study cell growth in porous scaffold under flow conditions

Chabanon M., Duval H., Francais O., Le Pioufle B., Perrin E., Goyeau B., David B.
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, (2012), 15, 1, 25-26

2. Scale-up of nanoemulsion produced by emulsification and solvent diffusion

Mitri, K; Vauthier, C; Huang, N; Menas, A; Ringard-Lefebvre, C; Anselmi, C; Stambouli, M; Rosilio, V; Vachon, JJ; Bouchemal, K
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, (2012), 101, (11), 4240-4247

3. Lift force acting on the cylinder in viscous liquid under vibration

Kozlov, V; Ivanova, A; Schipitsyn, V; Stambouli, M
Acta astronautica, (2012), 79, 44-51


4. Influence of annealing treatment on wetting of steels by zinc alloys

Giorgi, ML; Diawara, J; Chen, S; Koltsov, A; Mataigne, JM
Journal of materials science, (2012), 47, (24), 8483-8495

5. Effect of nanostructuring and Al alloying on corrosion behaviour of thermal sprayed WC-Co coatings

Basak, AK; Celis, JP; Ponthiaux, P; Wenger, F; Vardavoulias, M; Matteazzi, P
Materials science and engineering A-structural materials properties microstructure and processing, (2012), 558, 377-385

6. Dewetting of Low-Viscosity Films at Solid/Liquid Interfaces

Peron, N; Brochard-Wyart, F; Duval, H
Langmuir, (2012), 28, (45), 15844-15852

7. Oxidation and diffusion processes at the Mn-doped Fe(001) and Fe(110) surfaces from first-principles

Chen, S; Giorgi, ML; Guillot, JB; Geneste, G
Applied surface science, (2012), 258, (22), 8613-8618

8. Droplet spreading on a porous surface: A lattice Boltzmann study

Frank, X; Perre, P
Physics of fluids, (2012), 24, (4)

9. Production yields of organics of astrobiological interest from H2O-NH3 hydrolysis of Titan's tholins

Poch, O; Coll, P; Buch, A; Ramirez, SI; Raulin, F
Planetary and space science, (2012), 61, (1), 114-123

10. Mass transfer properties (permeability and mass diffusivity) of four australian hardwood species

Redman, AL; Bailleres, H; Turner, I; Perre, P
Bioresources, (2012), 7, (3), 3410-3424

11. Energy Consumption in the Convective Drying of Timber Analyzed by a Multiscale Computational Model

Perre, P; Remond, R; Colin, J; Mougel, E; Almeida, G
Drying technology, (2012), 30, (11-12), 1136-1146

12. Elevated CO2 and/or ozone modify lignification in the wood of poplars (Populus tremula x alba)

Richet, N; Afif, D; Tozo, K; Pollet, B; Maillard, P; Huber, F; Priault, P; Banvoy, J; Gross, P; Dizengremel, P; Lapierre, C; Perre, P; Cabane, M
Journal of experimental botany, (2012), 63, (11), 4291-4301

13. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry of hexafluoroacetone derivatives: First time utilization of a gaseous phase derivatizing agent for analysis of extraterrestrial amino acids

C. Geffroy-Rodier, A. Buch, R. Sternberg, S. Papot
Journal of Chromatography, (2012), A 1245, 1-200, [hal-00710316 - version 1]

14. Electro synthesis and performances of cobalt/ceria nanocomposite biocoatings

L. Benea, S. F. Sorcaru, P. Ponthiaux, F. Wenger
Advances in Applied Ceramics: Structural, Functional and Bioceramic, (2012), 111, (3), 134-141

15. Formation of Amino Acids and Nucleotide Bases in a Titan Atmosphere Simulation Experiment

Hörst S.M., Yelle R.V., Buch A., Carrasco N., Cernogora G., Dutuit O., Quirico E., Sciamma-O'brien E., Smith M.A., Somogyi A. et al
Astrobiology 12, 9 (2012) 809-817 [hal-00734211 - version 1]

16. The influence of mineralogy on recovering organic acids from Mars analogue materials using the "one-pot" derivatization experiment on the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument suite

Stalport F., Glavin D.P., Eigenbrode J.L., Bish D., Blake D., Coll P., Szopa C., Buch A., Mcadam A., Dworkin J.P. et al
Planetary and Space Science 67, 1 (2012) 1-13 [hal-00677770 - version 1]

17. Torrefaction of cellulose: validity and limitation of the temperature/duration equivalence

Lu P., Almeida G., Perré P.
Bioressources, (2012), 7, 3720-3731

18. The sample analysis at mars investigation and instrument suite

Mahaffy P. R., Webster C. R., Cabane M., … , Buch A. & al.
Space Science Reviews, 2012, 170, 401–478. doi:10.1007/s11214-012-9879-z

19. Photochemistry simulation of planetary atmosphere using synchrotron radiation at Soleil. Application to Titan's atmosphere

Thomas Gautier, Zhe Peng, A. Giuliani, Nathalie Carrasco, Guy Cernogora ... A. Buch et al.
EAS Publications Series, (2012), 58, 199-203. <10.1051/eas/1258031>