Publications 2011

1. Identification of microbial communities involved in the methane cycle of a freshwater meromictic lake.

Biderre-petit, C., Jézéquel, D., Dugat-bony, E., Lopes, F., Kuever, J. et al.
FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 2011, 77(3):533-45.

2. Co-ZrO2 electrodeposited composite coatings exhibiting improved micro hardness and corrosion behaviour in simulating body fluid solution

L. Benea, P. Ponthiaux, F. Wenger
Surface & Coatings Technology, (2011), 205, 5379-5386

3. Controlled electrochemical gas bubble release from electrodes entirely and partially covered with hydrophobic materials

C. Brussieux, Ph. Viers, H. Roustan, M. Rakib
Electrochimica Acta, (2011), 56 (20), 7194-7201

4. Nanotribology on individual phases of duplex steel: combining roughness, material effects, and friction

S. Achanta, J.-P. Celis, P. Ponthiaux, D. Drees
Int. J. Surface Science and Engineering, (2011), 5 (5/6), 331-347

5. Characterization and reduction behavior of mill scale

M. Bagatini, V. Zymla, E. Osorio, A. Vilela
ISIJ International, (2011), 51(7), 1072-1079

6. Purification of firefighting water containing a fluorinated surfactant by reverse osmosis coupled to electrocoagulation-filtration

C. Baudequin, E. Couallier, M. Rakib, I. Deguerry, R. Severac, M. Pabon
Separation and Purification Technology, (2011), 76, 275-282

7. Tribocorrosion: a new approach of the problems related to friction and wear in a corrosive surrounding

P. Ponthiaux, J.-P. Celis, F. Wenger
Matériaux & techniques, (2011), 99 (1), 1-4

8. Structural deterioration of iron ore particles during thermal processing

V. Strezov, T. Evans, V. Zymla, L. Strezov
International Journal of Mineral Processing, (2011), 100(1-2), 27-32


9. Nitrile gas chemistry in Titan atmosphere

Thomas Gautier, Nathalie Carrasco, Arnaud Buch, Cyril Szopa, Ella Sciamma-O'Brien et al. 
Icarus, ( 2011), 213 (2), pp.625-635. <10.1016/j.icarus.2011.04.005>


10. Study of selective oxidation by means of glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy

A. Ollivier-Leduc, M.L. Giorgi, David Balloy, J.B. Guillot.
Corrosion Science, (2011), 53 (4), 1375-1382. <10.1016/j.corsci.2011.01.012>


11. A New Control-Volume Finite-Element Scheme for Heterogeneous Porous Media: 
Application to the Drying of Softwood

Elliot J. Carr, Ian W. Turner, Patrick Perre.
Chemical Engineering & Technology, (2011), 34 (7), 1143-1150 <10.1002/ceat.201100060>


12. Implementation of a relaxation equilibrium term in the convective boundary condition
for a better representation of the transient bound water diffusion in wood

Wieslaw Olek, Patrick Perré, Jerzy Weres,
Wood Science and Technology,(2011), 45 (4), 677-691. <10.1007/s00226-010-0399-2>


13. Suction of hydrosoluble polymers into nanopores

Lucie Béguin, Bruno Grassl, Françoise Brochard-Wyart, Mohammed Rakib, Hervé Duval.
Soft Matter, Royal Society of Chemistry, (2011), 7 (1), <10.1039/c0sm00443j>


14. Effect of hydrogen on the properties and fracture characteristics of TRIP 800 steels

J. Sojka, V. Vodarek, I. Schindler ... N. Ruscassier et al.
Corrosion Science, Elsevier, (2011), 2575


15. Physical Modeling of Inclusion Approach to the Steel-Slag Interface with Focus on
Hydrodynamic Interactions

Yassine Ferchichi, Hervé Duval.
Advanced Engineering Materials, (2011), 13, 550-555


16. Effect of normal force on tribocorrosion behavior of Ni-30Cr model alloy in LiOH - H3BO3 solution

Claudiu Ionescu, Marioara Abrudeanu, Pierre Ponthiaux, François Wenger, Vasile Rizea.
Revue Roumaine de Chimie, (2011), 56 (9), 907-915


17. A Comparative Study on Tribocorrosion of Two Ni-Cr Model Alloys in Solution of Boric Acid and Lithium Hydroxide

 Claudiu Ionescu, Pierre Ponthiaux, Marioara Abrudeanu, François Wenger, Florina Constantin.
 Revista de Chimie, (2011), 62 (11), 1077-1084